Tusk + Tassel Necklace - New Jade

Image of Tusk + Tassel Necklace - New Jade


One of a kind. A vintage new Jade tusk hangs from a hammered brass ring on a long fine brass satellite chain. A mixed brass chain tassel is wire wrapped with various semi precious stones; Phantom quartz briolette, faceted labradorite and clear quartz.

Channel your inner bohemian and wear it layered with your favorite piece or simply by itself. The last image shows how I've layered my favourite go to short necklace, the Pailette Swag fringe in black. (Also available online 😉)

Chain Length 30"
Pendant length approximately 6"

New Jade, also known as light green Serpentine, is said to be helpful for correcting emotional imbalances and in turn encourages you to feel more in control of your life. It is a good stone to use during psychic development exercises as it is said to encourage the development of psychic abilities. It is also said to be useful in meditations that are based on past life retrieval, and finding lost memories from this life.